Everyone is so tired of fashion being too eccentric and unwearable. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear uncomfortable clothes to look good. Today we will prove you that comfy clothing can be elegant and chic.

For days when you are too tired to wear heels and dresses, look at our guide how to style your favorite comfy wardrobe.

Mix basics with elevated garments

While you are still transitioning to all-comfy looks, you can practice elegant in loose clothes by wearing basic garments with extra pieces. For example, why not wear loose relaxed-cut jeans with a blouse or an elevated top?

House dresses

Those are actually extra comfy. Try buying one because it’s the essential balance of femininity and comfort. You can wear them at home but there are no rules that could stop you from wearing them outside as well. Just pick some sneakers or flat sandals and effortless comfy glam is all yours.

Find alternatives to sweatpants

The athleisure trend is changing our wardrobes every season, but sweatpants is not the only option. One of the underrated segments of comfy clothes is tennis skirts. They are comfortable and also playfully feminine. Wear them with loose sweaters and sneakers to create a cute sporty look.

Scandinavian minimalism

Scandinavian minimalism that you should invest in quality basics. Don’t rush to buy a simple white tee, try looking for pastel turtlenecks, sweaters and tops. They don’t have to embellished or ruffled, a quality fabric and cute versatile color are your goal here.

Sweat sets

As seen on Billie Eilish, sweat sets are in once again. Look for a perfect comfy sweat set and combine it with statement sneakers and accessories. You can play with textures and find a velvet or velour set, also mind the colors. If you want the set to stand out, pick burgundy or baby mint. For everyday attire pick something more casual and neutral.

Athletic socks

Pay a tribute to the returning 90s trend and buy athletic socks. They will spice up any comfy outfit and add something high-end to it. You can experiment with bright patterns and phrases, and also choose heavy sneakers to match the aesthetics.

Textures and colors

The fun part about comfy clothes is that you can mix them however you like. Be creative and combine cashmere tops with casual sweatpants. Just make sure the colors are matching and are not in contrast. So you can balance the juxtaposition of fabrics with a color balance.

Size up

To dress comfy think of having a pair of jeans up one size at least. The difference would not be too obvious, but the feeling will be so new. Wearing comfy clothes that are too tight can hurt your stomach or other organs, so don’t be afraid to try on bigger sizes.

Incorporate favorite colors and messages

Comfy clothes, as well as home wear, is something that we spend a lot of time in. Take care of the colors and messages printed on your tee. So whenever you change into comfortable outfits, you feel the comfort and support inside and outside.

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We hope our guide inspired you and give some ideas how to refresh your approach to comfy clothes. They can look elegant and stylish too, you just need to give them a chance and be experimentative.


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