Against all common sense, birthday parties are the most stressful for the birthday girls. Unless it’s a surprise party you have to organize the party, invite friends and most importantly, find that perfect party outfit. It’s not an easy task on regular days to think of fresh looks, so we understand that sometimes you might feel lost in all the new trends and designs.

Before you go on a shopping spree, you need to know what exactly you are looking for. Here we want to mention some timeless and always working birthday party outfit ideas, including outfits for plus-size girls, so you need to worry for one less thing. Explore our honorary mentions to get some inspiration.

Outfits when you want to feel cute

We’ve been there. After celebrating your twenty-something birthday, with each year you don’t feel the same excitement and anticipation. However, you feel the need to stay in the game. The perfect aim here is to turn up looking cute. We are sure that your friends love you no matter what, but here a pair of looks to make you feel more playful and cute on the inside.

1. Wool Blazer With Plain T-Shirt

If by cute you still mean something that will let you stay comfy, like on a bar crawling night, think about this timeless outfit. A graphic tee leaves opportunity for some self-expression, or you can just choose a T-shirt in your favorite color to set the mood. A wool blazer is a classy option to show how you grow and mature with years, because, after all, birthdays are about self-reflection and progress.

2. Red Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Another casual but not-so-casual birthday look is to choose a jumpsuit in flaming red. A red generally looks sexy on all women and it’s definitely an eye-catching image that boosts inner confidence. A jumpsuit with high heels is another solution for functional party outfits that will look extremely attractive and teasing at the same time.

Outfits for bringing sexy back

All teenage girls imagine their 21st birthday as the day when they are adult, independent and blooming. As we know, it’s not the age to feel independent and secure, but oh it’s the age to feel sexy and attractive. Here are some ideas on how to feel sexy on your birthday.

1. Cocktail Dress

An obvious choice is to go with this timelessly elegant look. Cocktail dress is the type of dress that you can get really creative with. A wrap dress or a classic bodycon will create a feminine silhouette with accentuated curves, while some futuristic high-end silhouettes will show the bohemian side of you. If you want a birthday outfit for a girls’ night-out, agree to turn up in cocktail dresses to turn the heads of the whole club.

2. High Waist Pleated Mini Skirt With Long Sleeve Sweater

When we think about long sleeve sweaters we imagine something cozy and far away from partying, but a growing tendency in Korea and Britain show that this look can be totally cute and hot if you know how to wear it. A high waist mini skirt will show some legs, while pleated textile will make it seem effortless and innocent. For a sweater choose your favorite colors, but leave some daring experiments design-wise. Choose an open back or a deep V-neck to feel sexy and confident.

Birthday Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Ladies

We wanted to give some special attention to our curvy readers, because recently we’ve noticed some mind-blowing trends worn by plus size icons like Ashley Graham and Lizzo. Show off those curves with our honorary mentions of these timeless birthday looks for plus-size girls and be the center of your party.

1. Bright Cardigan With High Heels

Cardigan may sound boring but think about cardigan dresses. There are some tips to make the look seem extra high-end. First, you need a cardigan or simply a cardigan dress. Choose some bright color because it’s no time to hide away. Second, find a belt to accentuate the hourglass figure for sex appeal. Play with layers and wear an organza skirt underneath so it can pick out a little bit. And don’t forget your high heels because you need to look elegant and charming!

2. Midi Skirt With Denim Jacket

A super feminine look can be created with midi skirts. Choose full skirts if you want to have that desired A-silhouette and feminine vibe or go for a pencil skirt if you want to flatter your sexy hips and thin waist and look sexy. Such skirts will look their best on blouses and tops. If the skirt’s design is simplistic, don’t be shy and choose something very avantgarde. It’s your time to shine after all.

Ladylike Birthday Dresses For Women

Sometimes we all get that mood that we need to be less on the pragmatic side and more on the ladylike one. So if you want to feel refined and wear something sophisticated and elegant on your birthday, be it. Here are some ideas how to make that happen.

1. Satin Mini Dress With bright earrings

It’s been a big trend the last few years, and we want it to stay. Satin mini dresses, especially if they have cuts to show the leg, are super sexy but noble. Choose understated colors, because satin and the length will be extra enough. Wear statement earrings to draw attention to your face and add some shine to your eyes.

2. Long Sleeve V-Neck Tie Waist Knit Dress

We love that fashion gave us wrapped dresses with tied waists because they show the best sides of a feminine figure. Depending on your mood choose deep or modest V-neck. You can add some charm with voluminous shoulders and a ruffles hem. The look is already so extra, so choose understated jewelry, but don’t skip the high heels.

We hope we brought you some clarity on possible birthday party looks. Feel young and cherished with your friends and family – and a gorgeous outfit! Boost your confidence and self-love to have the best party ever.


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