The spring has finally come, and we are desperately scanning our wardrobes for cute outfits. And of course, there is always nothing to wear. Don’t be sad, we have a solution. Today we want to take a look at all the basic garments that everyone has in their wardrobes. We believe that any outfit can look fresh and exciting if you don’t forget to be creative and style it in a new way.

Let’s explore some simple tips for how to style your favorite clothes to look cute this spring. We guarantee you’ll totally find inspiration.

Button down dresses

We love one-piece looks because they are so effortless and take literally five minutes in the morning. This season we recommend you to look at all your button down dresses. They may be neutral or with some embroidery. Wear them with sneakers and you are good to go. For special occasion wear open sandals with straps to elevate the look.

Denim jackets

There is no more versatile piece that a denim jacket. We’ve spotted lots of celebs pulling off denim-on-denim looks and advise you to do the same. A denim jacket will go great with denim shorts or black pants. If you are tired of the signature blue color, try dyed denim. For example, bright red or yellow denim suits will be stylish and high-end.

White jeans

The winter is over, and you can wear white jeans without thinking about rain and dust. White jeans will elongate your legs and let your whole body look light and fit. Wear a white top and some bright cardigan to pop some color.

Knit dress

Together with home dresses, knit dresses are taking over. They look sophisticated, noble and are actually comfy. Try a knit dress, experiment with sleeves and length. You can style them with classy heels or white sneakers, the dress will do the job itself. Check 41 Spring Outfits to Wear When You Just Can’t Do the Sweatpants Thing Anymore

Breezy maxi dress

Sunny days are calling for some lightweight garments. Nature inspires us to bloom and shine, and a breezy dress will help you set the mood. Choose light colors like baby mint, rose or light yellow to look like one of the spring flowers. To make the dress look more casual, wear your favorite converse.

Baseball hat

That’s is not an obvious trend, but it definitely impressed many fashion aware women. Choose a neutral baseball hat and wear it with contrasting styles. For example, a white shirt or a wrap coat.

Black leggings

Leggings are the perfect choice for model-off-duty vibes. They are also comfy, versatile and will be your perfect base for any look. Wear high boots and leather jacket to enjoy the New York vibe.

Oversized blazers

Oversized blazers are unexpectedly feminine if you wear them right. Find a maxi blazer with padded shoulders, since the 80s are in again, and put a broad belt on it. It will accentuate your figure and make you less edgy. If the length allows, you can wear your blazer as your dress.

Those are the simplest ideas how to have a new perspective on your wardrobe. Experiment with styles and try something new to maintain the fresh look.


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