We’ve all been there: I can’t wear this dress because I’ve worn it too many times. And this skirt, too, and this blouse also. There is no such uniting problem for women than the struggle of coming up with more and more cute new looks. The fashion world and beauty bloggers don’t really help either. They only tell us about new items and new designs, but they never teach us how to make your casual outfits look dressy once you’ve worn them a few times.

So in this article we will try to give you come new cute outfits ideas so your wardrobe inspire you once again to take creative challenges and experiment with your clothes.

Leather Mini Skirt

There is no better way to make a casual look seem dressy than to choose a leather mini skirt instead of your favorite denim shorts. Leather skirt is a shortcut to slick and sexy silhouette, the daring material will also be in a juxtaposition with other materials, especially if you choose satin top or knitted sweater. If you feel like experimenting, try snakeskin print. Nothing says ‘danger’ like animalistic print and high heels, so if you need an outfit for a bar night or a party, consider leather mini.

High Rise Denim Shorts

For casual summer outfits choose high rise shorts. Denim is the easiest material to combine because of its versatility. At the same time it’s enduring and will protect you on your hike trips or trips to the beach. High rise garments will accentuate your waist and make your legs look lean and log. Choose a cute top or a flowy blouse for a cute summer night out.

Classic Mustard Sweater

Knitwear works miracles because a fine wool sweater is enough to create an elegant look. However, forget about your favorite monochromatic options, this season opt for rich colors like mustard. It’s not too extra to seem eccentric but it will definitely make you noticeable in crowd. Wear it with your best black skinnies and a classy trench coat for a cozy fall look.

Pink Workwear Trousers

Most of us hate dressing in formal suits for the office, but pink workwear trousers will change the game. They are tender and romantic and will flatter your feminine side. The loose, but tailored fit will elongate your legs without being too revealing. The look will take you from your working place to a night out and no one will notice it wasn’t intended as a party look. Let these timeless cute trousers take you from day to evening combined with airy blouses and soft sweater.

Swamp Blouse

With all the Malibu celebs wearing camo on a daily basis, it’s simply natural to invest into a quality swamp blouse. The color is timeless and will magnificent both with black garments and contrasting pastel ones. The shade has a strong aura around it, however, with embroidery or jewels it can create a fresh strongly feminine vibe. The ultimate move it to wear the blouse with white skinny jeans to make statement entrances.

Classic Brown Loafers

A good casual outfit requires reliable and stylish shoes. Loafers are a timeless solution for all season. They are classy to be worn to the office, but they are also comfy so you can wear them to run errands and have a dressy trip to the groceries. If polished and taken care of, this pair will be your best friend and a perfect foundation for numerous looks.

Checkered Shirt

The lesson we should all learn from French innate sense of style is that you need to play with patterns. Stripes and checkered prints are quite simple but they are so much more elevated then monochromic looks. Checkered shirt will add a sophistication to your image, especially if it’s a creatively distorted print or simply colorful. Find a piece with artsy sleeves or collar and, boom, your bomb new bar outfit is ready.

Black Chelsea Boots

We had a fling with sock boots, but Chelsea boots will never stop to be our go-to option. Black Chelsea boots are an immaculate way to show you have a sense of fashion while staying comfortable and active. Busy lifestyle can’t let you run around in heels all the time, but who needs them anyway. Wear these classy booties with casual summer dresses and long soft cardigans to prolong the feeling of warmth and peace like it’s always the last week of August.

So what do you think about our pick? Try to invest into quality basics with focus on noble materials and timeless bright colors. With such background, all of your cute new outfits will look intricate and refined. The golden rule of fashion is simple: be yourself and be creative. So don’t hide away behind boring dark sweaters, stay playful and confident at all times because that’s what fashion is all about.


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