Have you ever felt like you have literally nothing to wear? Those are the days when you spend an hour on your outfit just to end up going to work in your favorite jeans and the nearest T-shirt.

Today we wanted to help you with feeling better about your wardrobe. Because, honestly, everyone has enough garments to pull out cute creative outfits every day. The only thing you need is to spark some creativity and inspiration to see your good old clothes as something interesting and arty.

Here are some ideas how to create a simple and cute outfit from simple garments that everyone has in their wardrobes.

Blouse and jeans

There is nothing simpler than that yet so classic. Choose either your most comfortable jeans or look for a pair that is high-end, maybe bell bottom jeans or ripped skinnies. Combine them with a simple blouse. We suggest you combine practical jeans with your most romantic blouse for more contrast. Choose puffed sleeves or ruffled blouse to create a tender image.

Slip dresses

It’s so good that the 90s are coming back to fashion, and there is no bigger trend than slip dresses. Just wear your favorite silk slip dress with any shoes of your choice and look glam without any effort like you were born in Paris. While the 90s are in, mix your slip dress with heavy sneakers, but for light look consider mules or sandals.

Midi-skirts with sandals

It sounds to good to be true, but for an everyday look a midi skirt would be just enough to look elegant. Just pick one good midi skirt with flower or geometric pattern and combine it with a simple top in one basic color. Choose matching sandals, and we strongly recommend high heels. Together it will look like you are heading somewhere special but in fact you will spend minimum time and effort to create the look. Check 12 Standout Trends That Ruled the Spring 2020 Runways

Simple colors

This is an exquisite option to look sophisticated on a daily basis. Just pick some garments with coordinated colors. You can go with simple white-on-white looks or even experiment with something bright, like coral or sunny yellow. You won’t have to think too much about creating complicated color schemes, just stick to one color.


The look with jumpsuits looks strong and confident. You can find an elegant feminine jumpsuit with straps or ruffles for an evening out but you can also choose a utility jumpsuit to boost your confidence and have a stronger presence. Combine your jumpsuit with simple sandals or white sneakers.


Any vintage garment in your wardrobe is already a statement outfit itself. Find a vintage dress or top and combine it with simple shoes and accessories. The juxtaposition of modern pieces and vintage foundation will feel well-planned and exciting.

Statement earrings

Find your most challenging earrings in your arsenal and build an outfit from scratch to let them shine. Colorful arty earrings can outshine any top or dress, so let it be. Choose matching colors and let it look like a creative ensemble.

We hope our ideas will let you have a new perspective on your usual attire. The only ryule to remember is that you have everything you need for a new outfit. Just stick to timeless solutions and rearrange them like you’ve never tried before.


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