The best thing about the cold months is that we can get cozy in our favorite sweater and blanket. We love our winter garments, however, far too often it’s easier to jump into your favorite sweatpants and coat and worry about nothing else but your warmth. We want to change that!

Winter is a wonderful time for fashion experiments, and it requires much less time than you’d expected. Follow our advice to create elegant winter looks without effort.

Patchwork sweaters and knit dresses

Patchwork works not only for your childhood blanket, but also for fine high-end knitwear. This season we suggest that you choose patchwork sweaters and knit dresses. They are comfy like any other sweater, but the patchwork design creates unexpected patterns. You can go with monochromic looks but take a look at bright colorful knitwear to brighten up your winter days.

Long cardigans

When it’s not that cold, wear your favorite tops with long open cardigans. They will elongate your silhouette and create a romantic cozy look. Choose neutral color since the piece will draw attention with its size.


Overalls are wonderful for winter because they keep you warm and comfy. To make them a fashion statement, choose new colors and fabrics. For example, choose soft cashmere or luxury velvet.

Turtleneck dresses

Those are extremely feminine and elegant. After a whole summer of light revealing dresses, a turtleneck will be a breath of fresh air. They will make your neck look slimmer and accentuate your waist for a more romantic image.

Leather puffer coats

If you want to look daring and cool, leather puffers are your must item. They are the next steps from classy black puffers. They will suit your any look and palette, so they are also versatile and timeless. Choose oversize puffers for a model-off-duty vibe.

Black wrap coat

We love classic trench coats and camel wrap coats, but have you considered dark wrap coats? Choose black, deep burgundy and emerald this winter. They will look mysterious and alluring. Add cashmere gloves for more sophistication.

Faux fur coat

Faux fur is always trendy and eye-catching. Faux fur coats are a statement piece, so you don’t have to spend time over the rest of your looks, simple black skinnies and a turtleneck will be enough. Since faux fur are quite extravagant, don’t be afraid to push it even further. Choose pink, baby mint and brick red for your outfit.

Sock boots

Sock boots are a perfect transition piece for fall. They elongate your legs and radiate Parisian glam. They will suit your skinnies and midi dresses. Experiment with prints and try animalistic booties. Check Harpers Bazaars ideas on The Model Off-Duty Outfits for Fall and Winter.

Cardigan dress

Cardigan dresses are super feminine and romantic. They also create a perfect hourglass shape for your silhouette. Wear cardigan dresses as your everyday one-piece look. Combine them with booties. You can also wear dresses underneath to play with layers and textures.

Maxi blazer

Choose padded shoulders and long blazers in 2020. With a leather belt on your waist they will look feminine and create your hourglass body. They also look neat with mini dresses if you have a special occasion. For extra outfits, choose blazer with nothing underneath and skinnies. This powerful outfit will turn all the heads on the streets.

Winter is a happy time for fashion. Revise your wardrobes and look elegant in cozy warm pieces. With our advice you can easily create romantic comfy looks and melt all the ice with your charm.