Fashion is hard because it constantly pushes us to make new decisions and buy new garments. That is challenging and exhausting, so this time we’ve prepared a few easy solutions that can significantly improve your fashion game.

Elevate your looks with a new perspective on these everyday garments and make an investment into your new image.

Monochromatic looks

Monochromatic looks are considered understated luxury, but there is difference in how you style them. We recommend you not to go full dark and choose something light and exciting. Set for a white-on-white outfits or at least choose a few different shades of beige or grey. A slight difference of undertones can help the look feel well-planned.

Neutral sweaters

The key to Scandinavian gorgeous style is the investment into quality basics. You can never look bad if you wear a black sweater or a white turtleneck. Combine them with blue jeans for a casual look or go for silk trousers and heels for a night out.

Sweater dresses

Finally, everyone acknowledged that knit dresses are the best. They are a statement outfit on their own, but a few tricks can make them look more sophisticated. We suggest adding an extra layer underneath and wear a breezy ballerina skirt or a silk midi skirt. You don’t have to invent complicated palettes, the contrast of fabrics will be more than enough for a high-end look.

Dad sneakers

It is not an obvious trend, but any look will be better with dad sneakers, since the 90s are always returning back in fashion. Wear them with leather jackets or slip dresses, the only rule is to have some style contrast.

Maxi blazers

Maxi blazers seem quite edgy and masculine, but if you style them right, they will make you a fashion queen. For cold days, wear a blazer over a turtleneck sweater with skinny jean s and high booties to look like a diva. For a night out combine a blazer with a mini dress. Check The Bike Shorts Trend Is Here to Stay.

Faux fur coat

Faux fur coats are a simple look for autumn and winter. Experiment with bright colors and eye-catching prints. Faux fur coat will look especially great on skinny jeans with high boots.

Animalistic skirts

An easy fashion piece will be a perfect base for any season. Match animalistic skirts with simple neutral sweaters and heels and you are ready to go. Don’t over-accessorize since the dress is quite eye-catching itself.

Slip dresses

They are romantic and seductive. Choose silk slip dresses over anything else since they are the main trend in 2020. Wear them with sneakers to look casual and in high heels it’s a perfect look for a special occasion.

Trench coat

There is nothing more valuable and timeless than a trench jacket. The classy options include wearing a trench coat over a dress or a skinny jeans outfit. If you feel creative wear them over a hoodie and wide-leg cotton pants.

Bike shorts

Kim Kardashian singlehandedly made a fashion mega trend out of bike shorts. You can wear them as your athleisure. For that just combine them with a simple tank top. However, try wearing shorts with a blazer and a belt with nothing underneath. The look worth all fashion weeks.

Those are our tricks to look fancy without any effort. Fashion should be fun so don’t limit yourself and experiment with old clothes because they have more potential than you can imagine.


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