Following new fashion trends is a tricky idea when you are somewhere around 50 years old. Modern designers often want us to look younger and slimmer. However, they mostly create their clothes for teens and young adults. Far too often mature women who try to dress high-end outfits end up looking ridiculous and tasteless.

If you don’t want to look like a woman who steals her daughter’s clothing, we’ve got some tips for you if your goal is to look sophisticated and elegant. You don’t need to go extra shopping since most of the garments are probably in your wardrobe. Just follow our easy rules to dress gracefully and refined.

Noble materials

It’s something you wouldn’t care about as a teen, but when you are a mature person, quality comes over patterns and colors. An alluring woman looks even better in noble materials, like silk, cashmere, fine wool and so on. Just focus on quality basics of neutral or at least versatile colors and prints. It’s an advice for all ages to invest in a timeless wardrobe.

Simple palettes

Refinement and extravagancy are opposites. The same applies to your choice of color. To look sophisticated and elegant stick to simple color options. Combine monochromic pieces with one eye-catching parts.

Button downs

Shirts and blouses are the luxury you can afford with age. Choose loose romantic silhouettes. They won’t pressure you to breath in your tummy all day, however, flowy design will add lightness to your look. Button down look great with fine knitwear, cardigans, and blazers. If you want to accentuate your waist, just add a fine leather belt of a matching shade.

Everything beige

The color of your clothes is often reflected on your face. So when you wear something blue, green or black it can often make your face look paler and accentuates age. An elegant mature woman should wear neutral palettes of beige and rose more often, since these colors enhance your glow and let the healthy blush stand out. Beige palettes are also associated with luxury clothing, so beige outfits are easy to create and look good.


Invest into fine footwear. We suggest having a few proven pairs of leather boots. You don’t need to have a lot. Just choose a comfy flat pair, a fancy one for special occasions and an elegant one on low heels for transitional outfits. The state of your booties is important, so take care about the leather.

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Loose trousers

Skinny jeans are great, but sometimes it’s better to switch to elegant trousers. Choose straight beige pants or choose high-end wide-leg designs. They will elevate your usual looks.

White sneakers

White sneakers are the best option to play with some modern trends. They are comfortable and at the same time perfect white sneakers resemble the athleisure trend. Don’t be afraid to wear them with classy pants or button downs.

Wrap coats

For autumn consider buying a classic camel wrap coat. They will elegantly accentuate a feminine figure, they also go well with any color or style choice. Wrap coats are also very cozy and warm, the exact thing you need when it gets colder outside.

It’s not hard to dress tastefully and elegantly when you are around 50 years old. Find celebs who could be your style inspirations and follow our simple rules.


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