There are two types of travelers – those who will turn up in their pajamas and hoodies and those who can pull off the celebrity airport chic and are always paparazzi ready. We want you to read this guide and always be the second type.

We’ve combined a list of all things that can help along the way when you pack for your holidays. Choose our simple tips to easily mix pieces with limited amount of clothes.

Simple basics

The best foundation for a traveler’s look is simple monochromic basics. Think of all of your white, grey and beige T-shirts, tops and pants. Even though you might have a statement dress that you haven’t worn yet, but it’s not the piece you can wear and rematch every day. Be pragmatic and make sure you have enough reliable basics. And if they have some cute details or cuts, it’s a plus.

Colorful athletic jacket

An athletic jacket is a perfect outerwear for a traveler. It will protect you from bad weather, cool nights and is also comfy for planes or car rides. If you pick a colorful jacket with flowery or vivid prints, it can also be the statement piece of your look and will go perfectly with simple basics.

Khaki parka

The other alternative is an anorak. It will also protect you from wind and can be the most versatile coat in your suitcase. You can liven it up with eye-catching ballet shoes or a bright scarf.

Bomber jacket

The trendiest alternative is a 90s-inspired bomber jacket. You can go crazy and choose one with embroidery and your favorite colors. It will be functional and the synonym of aesthetics.

Stretch-scuba leggings

Stretchy leggings are the first association to model-off-duty look. Sweatpants are baggy so may not always be the perfect choice for a lot of walking and photos. Black leggings, on the other hand, are stretchy with the glove-like fitting, so they are perfect for activities and they won’t look too casual on photos.

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Oxford shoes are your best choice for traveling. They look put together and can elevate any look. At the same time, they are super comfy and wearable, so they will withstand any weather and climate.

Wrap coats

Wrap coats are the essence of female allure and are comfy and reliable. Choose a classic camel wrap coat to stay warm while feeling no limits while walking and hiking. They will also go well with any look.


We love heels, but ballet shoes are the thing you need to feel good in trips. The flats are comfortable, versatile and can look extremely cute and romantic. Choose animalistic prints or sweet details like straps and bows to make this versatile piece look unique and charming.

Silk scarf

Even with limited space in suitcase there will be some space for a lightweight silk scarf. It can be an classy accessory for your neck, or you can wear it to pull hair off your face or as a stylish detail on your purse.

Bodycon dress

It’s a good idea to pack one monochromic bodycon dress for summer trips. They are versatile and will go great with any cardigan or shoes. Look like an alluring beach diva in a bodycon dress and open sandals. Add some accessories, and an evening look is ready to go.

We hope these suggestions will help you to avoid trips when you pack all the wrong unwearable things with you. Be pragmatic and plan your looks ahead with these simple basics to keep you comfy and elegant.


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