It is so easy to be a fashion influencer when you have infinite money to buy new outfits. However, the true art of fashion lies in seeing something special in usual clothes.

Today we want to talk about how to create cute outfits with garments so simple and usual that you don’t even notice them anymore. We’ve gathered ideas from 2020 magazines and runways to suggest simple and low-budget outfits that will effortlessly create high-end thoughtful looks.

So read these obvious ideas and have a look at your wardrobe to let us prove our point that you don’t need money to look fresh and new every day.

  1. Casual dresses with sneakers

It is so great to live in times when we don’t have no more stigma that dresses should be worn with shoes only. For days when you have to have a lot done just pick a casual dress. For example, a shirt dress in one color and wear it with sneakers. The look won’t have you tired at the end of the day, but you will look stunning all the time.

  1. Mini with maxi

Combine a mini dress of skirt with long blazer or oversized jacket. This one is not that obvious, but people like contrasts, there is something exciting about them. If you choose this look, feel how the juxtaposition of a revealing mini dresses is balanced with protective covering overcoat. 

  1. Long skirt with monochromic top

You don’t have to wear mini to look feminine and sexy. Find a flattering full-length skirt, or at least midi, and wear it with a simple top. If the skirt has a print, wear a matching color on top of it. Combine the overall look with minimalistic accessories and sandals or mules.

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  1. Jeans and white tee with print

Never underestimate this classic look. Despite its versatility and simplicity, the way you style it says a lot about you. Tuck your tee in high-waist jeans to accentuate your legs or leave it overlapping to look laid-back – or tuck it in the front to balance two approaches. The print is also a statement to the world, but don’t overthink it, just stay comfy and stylish.

  1. Everything beige

The beige is a worldwide synonym for taste and style. Pick an outfit in every tone of beige and it will look superb. Start with a soft sweater or a tee and matching pants, wear a classy trench coat on top. Pick some simple gold or pearl jewelry to fine-tune the look and enjoy compliments.

  1. Black-on-black

Black is the color of our generations since it’s so elegant and effortless. Radiate a confident and cool vibe in black-on-black looks. Monochromic outfits will help you avoid fashion mistakes in color schemes and save your time choosing the garments.

  1. Turtlenecks with dresses

The superpower of a turtleneck is to elevate any outfit. If you are tired of wearing them with just jeans, try wearing a turtleneck under your favorite dresses. It’s a good example of how you can utilize your summer wardrobe at all seasons, it also helps to breathe a new life in old garments.

  1. Scarves everywhere

Who said scarves should be worn on necks? Your silk scarf is the most versatile accessory ever invented. Wear it in your hair, on your waist or wrist or tie it on your handbag. A colorful scarf will refresh any look.

So, use our ideas to become a new fashion guru. Remember to maintain a creative approach even to old clothes because you can find inspiration in everything if you look for it.