We may be in a lockdown, but it doesn’t mean we should stop serving looks even if people will see it only on Instagram. So if you are planning a retreat with your family or closest friends to the seaside, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some basic garments that are easy to mix into the cutest romantic looks inspired by all the mermaids and Greek goddesses that we associate with seaside vacations. Make sure you pack something like that in your suitcase to be prepared for any kind of beach time, day or night.

1. Off-Shoulders Blouse

They were hype a few years ago, but the trend isn’t over at all. It seems that fashion personas loved the teasing look of an off-shoulder top. Such blouses are usually designed in ruffles, which adds to the lightweight impression. Off-shoulder blouses will be a perfect statement top that you can wear with shorts and even maxi skirts.

2. Nautical Shirt With Stripes

It’s not only a Parisian thing to wear stripped shirts, they have a strong link to sailors and sailor-inspired fashion of the 50s. For some reason it’s one of the most versatile and timeless prints that can make any basic look somehow seem more elegant and well put together.

3. Light Sheer Maxi Skirt

Imagine yourself having a stroll along the seaside line in a white light maxi dress in windy weather. Any maxi skirt is a flattering choice for your silhouette because it elongates it and make you visually seem taller and leaner. We recommend choosing sheer skirts, because they will let you feel less overheated in the sun, while also giving a glimpse of you legs through the sheer fabric.

4. White High Waisted Shorts

Nothing screams elevated casual like white denim shorts. Consider investing into a really fitting pair of those because they will look stunning as a part of white-on-white trendy looks, as well as be a perfect compliment to a colorful statement top. High waisted shorts will accentuate your waist and will look good with cropped tops.

5. Airy Wrap Dress

No vacation is complete without a dreamy photo in an airy dress with sea in the background. This summer we suggest choosing a wrap dress. It’s one of the most flattering dress designs, because it contributes to those desired hourglass forms and accentuates feminine waist and cleavage. Choose airy semi-sheer fabrics that will blow in the wind.

6. Straw Hat

First of all, we don’t want you to burn your nose on the first day and frown in daylight photos. Secondly, straw hat is an ultimate finishing touch to any summer outfit. You can curl your hair and wear sunglasses to be the alluring lady at the next table. For extreme cuteness, choose hats decorated with long stripes that will flow in the wind.

7. Sheer White Duster

For a breezy evening at the beach choose a sheer duster. It will protect you from cool wind but won’t hide your summer outfits. Be creative and choose embroidery or ombre effect.

Summer is a time for your wardrobe to shine the brightest. So pack you suitcase to create the most summer looks and lovingly look at the photos afterwards.


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