While everyone is excited because the summer is near, it’s time to think about your looks. The vacation season is all about planning new cute outfits. However, on limited budget there is no use in buying new garments over and over again.

Today we will learn all the new ways to style your wardrobe to create exciting and fresh image without going broke. Have a look at our perspective on seemingly usual clothes and become the new It Girl with high-end fashion choices.

T-shirt with denim shorts

The most iconic, as well as simple and effortless summer look is a tee with denim shorts. However, don’t be lazy and wear two favorite pieces whenever you don’t feel like planning new looks. Experiment with shorts style. Try wearing shorts with fringe or middle length shorts. A T-shirt is also a fashion manifest. Choose favorite colors and inspiring phrases and images.

Muscle tanks and wide-leg trousers

Muscle tanks are in the front of our wardrobes whenever the warm days come. Style your favorite white muscle tank with wide-leg trousers. Those can be your favorite blue jeans, but you can also combine a top with silk pants or casual cotton pants.

Breezy dress and sandals

For a feminine look you need to have a few breezy dresses. Think about flowery prints, lots of romantic ruffles and sexy V-neck options. Wear them with flat sandals to look like a Greek goddess or with white converse to seem more casual. Check 30 Fresh Summer Outfit Ideas by Harpers Bazaar.

Tube tops with high-waisted jeans

Tube tops are in fashion again together with other signature 90s garments. For summer looks they are a simple and functional choice. You can wear a beige or brown top for an elegant look or try a bit of color for night out. Wear high-wasted jeans with tube tops to emphasize your waist and accentuate the silhouette.

Shirt with shorts

A classy button up is always a good choice, especially when you combine it with casual shorts. The shorts can be made of any fabric, from silk to cotton. We also encourage you to experiment with prints, just keep them in the same color palette to look more refined.

Printed tee, printed pants

Summertime is never boring, so should not be your outfits. Be daring and high-end and combine brightly printed tops with pants with patterns. If they are not coordinated that’s fine. Sometimes a juxtaposition would look better than a matching set.

Blouse and jeans

It is a timeless look that will make you look like a Parisian style guru. Find your best pair of jeans, whether they are skinny or wide-leg pants. Find a romantic lightweight blouse. It will help you withstand the heat and will also look fine in the photos. It’s a look that can take you from day to evening, so spend the time you saved on great summer memories.

Summertime is a time when we can enjoy ourselves. Spend these precious moments on your friends and family and go to parties and beaches instead of worrying about a new look. We hope our simple ideas will help you feel confident and charming the whole summer.