With the vacation season approaching we catch us thinking about going shopping for the trip. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to look like a celeb hiding from paparazzi in the airport. However, much more often we end up spending the whole trip in our sweatpants because it’s just so much comfortable.

Today we will teach you what to pack in your suitcase to look not like a tourist, but more like an inspired traveler. Here are some ideas what to take with you to have something to wear every day.

Your favorite neutrals

Even though there are statement clothes we save for a special occasion like a trip, usually we never wear those while abroad. So be more pragmatic and pack your trusted neutral T-shirts, pants and sweaters. They are easy to mix and remix so future you will be glad for a wise decision.

Trench coat

The signature beige trench coat is a sign of a good taste. It is timeless and versatile, and half of Paris wears them because they are so stylish. A trench coat will be a versatile outer wear for a trip. It will tie together your look.

Oxford boots

The perfect choice of shoes for vacation is a pair of Oxford boots. They are comfortable for a day of walking, but the laces and embellishments can really elevate the overall impression.

White jeans

It’s a perfect compromise between something fancy and something comfy. White jeans will refresh any sweater or a blouse. Wear an oversized tee and tuck it in to look like a street fashion model

Sweats set

Since the trend for elevated athleisure is here to stay, we suggest packing a cute sweatsuit set. Experiment with colors and textures to make it more exciting. For example, choose emerald or deep burgundy made of velvet or other material of your choice.

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Silk trousers

Whenever you get tired of wearing casual jeans and sweatpants, you must have a pair of silk trousers with you. They are lightweight but they leave an impression. You can easily style them with a cashmere sweater or baggy knitwear.

Cotton + cashmere

Play with textures. Combine contrasting cashmere and casual cotton to look high-end and a little bit pretentious. As long as you pick similar color palettes, the juxtaposition of fabrics will look wonderful.

Trusted booties

Any outfit will look better if you are in booties. Choose a trusted and road-tested pair of leather booties. Make sure they are comfortable and weather-proof. While on trip, wear them with literally anything. They will elevate the look and will seem like a carefully planned outfit.

Wide-leg jeans

It’s not only because the 80s are back in fashion, they are also extremely comfortable. They will look great with booties or open sandals with heels. Play with contrast and wear a lightweight blouse with jeans.


Dusters are perfect for cool nights, when you don’t want to hide your outfit under a jacket but need some protection from cold and wind. A duster can be an alluring peace so pick the ones with embroidery and embellishments to look glam and mysterious.

Looking like a tourist when you are one is not a big deal, but with these simple tricks and basic pieces you can step up your looks effortlessly. Follow this article to feel more confident and trendy to enjoy your getaway to its fullest.


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