We refuse to believe that sports attire should be simply comfortable. The activewear business, luckily for all of us, stepped up the technology to create leggings and sweatshirts that not only sit comfortably and boost out performance, but also make you feel better when you look in the gym mirror.

Today we are creating the ultimate guide on how to put on a perfect yoga day outfit. We’ve described some steps that will explain you

1. Start with statement leggings

Unlike your usual outfit, the leggings will draw the most attention when you’re heading to the gym or yoga class. And it’s fine since it’s so easy to find a few yoga pants that make you feel beautiful and fit. Here are some suggestions:

  • Polka Dot Leggings. For you, polka dot lovers, the yoga activewear manufacturers created numerous options. You can find understated options, like dark blue leggings in white polka dot, or straight futuristic options with all kinds of graphic patterns.
  • Ombre Yoga pants. The latest trend are ombre yoga pants. The gradient effect somehow elongates your legs and make them seem lean even if it’s your first time working out.
  • Cut-Outs. It’s a tribute to the contemporary fashion trends celebrating technology and futurism. Sport designers create teasing cut-outs without creating any discomfort for you.

2. Choose the right sports bra

A sports bra has a lot of pressure: it should be supportive, comfortable, not too tight, while staying chic and stylish. To incorporate it all, it sometimes takes years of experimenting with new items, but style-wise there are some stylish tips for you.

  • Co-ordinated look. Coordinate your bra and leggings. It can be a totally matching look like you’ve bought the pieces in a set, or something like Ariel, the Mermaid, where each color compliments the other.
  • Color pop. Sometimes when you are wearing understated leggings, it’s reasonable to add some color with your bra. Choose contrasting vivid palettes to set energetic and fun mood for workout.

3. Cover the bra with a top

Layering is a wonderful way to easily make your look more fashionable and chic. Just add some clothes on top of the basic set of yoga pants and top to try it.

Cropped top. In a cropped top you will feel less naked, because your cleavage will be covered, but at the same time you will regulate the heat of your body and let yourself cool naturally.

Cropped sweatshirt. For colder months you can try a cropped sweatshirt like most models do in their spare time. Especially if you are into jogging, a hood will protect you from wind or rain. You can cover the abs with high-waisted yoga pants or capris.

Sheer top. If you are going to grab coffee after yoga somewhere in the city, a sheer top on top of your sports bra will hep you look elegant and low-key sexy.

4. Finish the look with sneakers

The sneakers are the most important piece regarding the comfort. Choose your sneakers wisely to avoid straining legs or just getting tired to quickly. However, durable footwear can boost both confidence and performance. Choose statement colorful sneakers to create bright associations with your gym workouts.

5. Find accessories

Accessories can be more than little details. Think about ankle warmers, hair bands and funny socks. They will boost your performance, protect your knees and elbows and be a refined finishing touch to tie together the look.

Your determination can be easily solidified with cute looks. Because if you feel great during workout and afterwards, it will keep you going and feel like a truly determined yoga-junky.


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